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Wetwitzer wrote: Föl, föl, ti rabjai a földnek, Above, above, up, up, you slaves of the earth, Definitely 'up'. Wetwitzer wrote: You slave-militant start with us! It should myparasites dalszövegek 'army' instead of 'militant' in both places where you used this word.

Wetwitzer wrote: Ez a harc lesz a végső, This battle will be final A bit more precisely it will be 'the last one'. Wetwitzer wrote: hát vesszen el, ki parazita kopaszság kezelés May he lose, who opposes us!

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I'd rather use the verb 'fall' here; it's literally 'get lost', not 'lose'. Wetwitzer wrote: May this predatory gang decay, That's a strange expression.

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Wetwitzer wrote: A vas meleg, myparasites dalszövegek ráverünk. The fire is warm, so we strike it. This has been addressed already, just marking it for the sake of completeness: 'vas' means 'iron'.

I bet you got it twisted you don't know who to trust So many playa hating niggaz tryin to sound like us Say they ready for the funk, but I don't think they knowin Straight to the depths of hell is where those cowards goin Well are you still down nigga? So much trouble in the world, nigga Can't nobody emberi fereghajto tabletta your pain The world's changin everyday, times moving faaast My girl said I need a raise, how long will she last? I'm caught between my woman, and my pistol, and my chips Triple beam, got some smokers on, whistle as I dip I'm lost in the land with no plan, livin life flawless Crime boss, contraband, let me toss this Needy hookers got a lot of nerve, let my bucket swerve I'm takin off from the curb The nervousness neglect make me pack a tec Myparasites dalszövegek to servin this, Moet and paaayyy-checks Like Akai satellite nigga I'm forever ballin It ain't right parasites triggers and myparasites dalszövegek crawlin Sucker duck and get busted, no emotion My devotion is handlin my business nigga keep on coastin Where you goin I been there came back as lonely homie Steady flowin against the grain niggaz STILL don't know me It's about the money in this rap shit, this crap shit It ain't funny niggaz don't even know how to act - shit! What can I do, what can I say, is there another way?

Wetwitzer wrote: A gazdagoknak kedve-kénye The mood and need of the rich 'Kénye-kedve' inverting it like in the lyrics is already poetic means something like 'full power over something', i. It's usually used with a fixed postposition: 'kénye-kedve szerint', meaning 'completely by one's own will'.

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Wetwitzer wrote: mert minden bajt szegényre mért. Myparasites dalszövegek it measured every misery to the poor.

myparasites dalszövegek

In other words, they put all the burden on the poor on purpose. This usage of 'mér' is slightly archaic to me. Wetwitzer wrote: s ide a jognak a felét!

myparasites dalszövegek

And here half of the right! Wetwitzer wrote: Mi milliók, mi munka népe, We are millions, we are the people of labour, These are not sentences, just following adjectives, hence there's no verb.

Előkészületek[ szerkesztés ] A film ötlete ban született meg. Miközben a Snowpiercer — Túlélők viadala című filmjén dolgozott, Pong  Bong ot egy színházi színész barátja arra biztatta, írjon színművet.

The assumption was correct, 'földteke' means 'globe'. Wetwitzer wrote: A tőke még a húsunk marja, The capital is still burning our flesh, Not 'burning' but 'biting'.

Or burning as acid does, not as fire. Wetwitzer wrote: de már a gyáva had remeg — But the cowardly militant is already trembling - Again, 'army' is better.

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